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Ivana Pur cosmetic consulting


With a passion for all things science, health, and beauty and master's degree in Chemical Engineering from NYU, founder Ivana Pur started LIVING PUR™ — Clean Beauty Consulting firm and blog about Science of Nontoxic Living in 2018.

Ivana has 5 years of working in research and academia and 10 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, including working as a Manager in L'Oréal Research and Development Division, where she also led acquisitions and mergers of fast—growing, emerging beauty brands. Ivana holds several patents for cosmetic formulations.

As a former big cosmetic company manager, chemical engineer, product design aficionado, and health and beauty product "junkie", Ivana uses her corporate expertise, her analytical mind, and visual thinking to connect science, consumer needs and behaviors, health and safety, and sensorial aspects of designing products that will elevate consumer experience.

Ivana's journey in consumer product industry and more specifically cosmetics, started after moving to US from Europe in 2008 and discovering a lack of industry regulations, compared to EU status quo. Shocked by this discovery, Ivana has been ever since, relentlessly searching for, studying, and designing safe, efficacious, science—based, and transparent products that deliver on their promises, while not harming the consumer or the planet. Out of this pursuit, 4 Pillars of LIVING PUR™  were born and are now being used to help consumers and cosmetic companies in the US, who are seeking healthy, beautiful, and high performing products.

"I am a perpetual researcher, debate lover, and thought shifter. I believe in people and in continuous improvement of ourselves, our environment, our human experiences, and our planet. Sciencebased clean beauty and consumer products that enable us to live a healthy and beautiful lifestyle are my passions. I fight for science in beauty and beauty in science."

Ivana brings unique scientific knowledge of the beauty industry, with special expertise in clean and sustainable beauty, innovative ingredients and packaging. Through LIVING PUR™ her mission is to empower consumers to make informed and safe choices, and to push for science, sustainability, and transparency in the beauty industry. Based in NYC and Montclair, NJ, Ivana was voted in 100 most successful Serbian expats by a major Serbian publication. She is a product design and art collector, mom, feminist, and a spokesperson For Girls In Science initiative

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