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Product Development

  We work with small beauty brands and startups to guide you on the journey of developing your clean beauty brand. We provide support with product development, raw material selection and sourcing, product claims and designing testing to support the claims, selecting effective and relevant active ingredients, creating your brand story, ensuring all proper and necessary product testing is conducted, and much more. We specialize in skin and body care products.

Brand Positioning & Communication

   For brands with existing product portfolio, we conduct a thorough review of your products and brand messaging to recommend ways to make them more transparent, backed by science, safe and effective, and hence, more consumer relevant. We will work with you on what we call scientifically clean brand communication based on 4 Pillars of LIVING PUR™. This approach emphasizes the use of meaningful and supported claims, and product efficacy, while avoiding greenwashing and misleading claims. In return, this will help you build customer trust and brand differentiation that will translate to increase in sales and repeat customers.


     Every project is customized to your brand needs. Contact us for details and pricing.


   We offer the full range of technical writing and scientific communication solutions for your cosmetic brand, including:


  • Elevator Pitch — Your brand in a nut shell

  • Brand Review — Strengthen and update your branding, market positioning, competitive edge, and communication around products, ingredients, and benefits

  • Position Statements — Communicate your brand's position on key issues, such as sustainability, safety, purity, ingredient origin, activity and efficacy, etc.

  • Product testing — Design and consulting for instrumental and consumer product testing to support product claims

  • Technical research and paper review for meaningful marketing story and product development

  • Writing articles for blogs, newspapers, and magazines


Every project is customized to your brand needs. Contact us for details and pricing.

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Various cosmetic products on a vanity table.


      Your nightstand and medicine cabinet are full of beauty products but you are still buying new ones, looking for that holy grail to solve all your skin issues. You want to avoid toxic ingredients but don't really know where to start. You spend hours reading product descriptions and reviews wondering which claims are fiction vs. reality. Beauty Cleanup might be just what you need!


      Our personalized service offers 1 on 1 virtual consultation. We will start with 45 minutes video call during which we will:

  • Review your beauty goals and needs

  • Review your current beauty products

  • Discuss your questions about cosmetic products, ingredients, or claims


       After the call, and based on what we discussed, you will receive personalized Beauty Cleanup summary that will include:

  • Recommendation for products / ingredients to avoid, based on their safety and your product  use

  • Recommendation of product substitutes that are safe, efficacious, and suitable for  your  skin  needs and budget

        The goal of Beauty Cleanup is to empower you to make better beauty choices.


     There is never an expectation or obligation to purchase any of the products recommended. We do not sell or advertise any specific brands nor participate in affiliate marketing. All recommendations are solely based on Living Pur principles and your personal skin goals and budget.


      To schedule your initial call fill out the Contact Form.

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