LIVING PUR was born out of a need to help people, who want to live a healthy lifestyle by using nontoxic consumer products, to make sense out of plethora of confusing, conflicting, and misleading information they find online, or in brands' messaging and product claims.

What is toxic? What is good-for-you and not harmful for the planet? What is scientifically proven to work and what is just a waste of your money, or the latest internet fad? We answer these questions for you to help you make more informed choices to live your best, healthiest life. 

We are scientists who care about health, beauty, and the planet. And we are on a mission to demand more responsible, science based, and honest brands. So join us in LIVING PUR revolution!


  Consumer products should contain only ingredients that are proven to be safe, not causing harm to user or the environment.

    Story of clean ingredients is not as simple as just going 100% natural. There are many lab-made ingredients that are completely safe and non-toxic, and there are also natural ingredients that can cause harm, depending on their use and their concentration.




  Ingredient transparency: All product ingredients should be clearly listed on the label, and always in the order of their concentration in the product. 

   Story transparency: Product claims, ingredient sourcing, manufacturing practices, and any certifications should be meaningful,

ethical, and easily accessible to consumers.



   We love science! So we do the hard work for you, reviewing scientific literature, books, and publications   to   decode product ingredients and claims, and bring to you only information backed by actual science. If you have ever felt lost while browsing the black hole of internet, not knowing who to trust, we are here for you!


   Products should not only be safe, but should also work and perform as advertised. Enough with cosmetic products that leave your face feeling like an oil slick, or even worse, covered in pimples. Enough with cleaning products  that are natural, but don't actually clean. Product performance is just as important as their safety and transparency.


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Cosmetic consulting


   With many years of experience working in cosmetic industry, from R&D to development to marketing and communications, we work with small cosmetic brands and startups to guide you on the journey of developing your clean beauty brand. We provide support with product development, product claims and testing, selecting effective and relevant active ingredients, creating your brand story, and much more.

    We also conduct a thorough review of your existing products and brand messaging to recommend ways to make them more transparent, backed by science, safe and effective, and hence, more consumer relevant. We will work with you on what we call "scientifically clean" brand communication based on 4 Pillars of LIVING PUR™. This approach emphasizes the use of regulated and meaningful claims, while avoiding greenwashing. This will help you build a stronger customer trust and better consumer relationships that will translate to increase in sales and repeat customers.

     In addition, we collaborate with Karim Rashid Inc, a world-renowned product, graphic, and interior designer. Through this collaboration we are able to provide integrated design solutions, such as packaging, logo, and brand identity, that will complement your beauty brand and differentiate it from the competition.


   Through LIVING PUR Blog and @LIVINGPUR we review consumer products and talk about various beauty, science, and wellness topics that you probably wondered about, but were overwhelmed with conflicting information online. We also discuss the issue of lack of transparency and regulations in consumer product industry, including misleading product claims.

    You want products that are safe, nontoxic, good for you, and not harmful for the planet, but also those that work and perform up to your expectations. We look at every product and every topic through 4 Pillars of LIVING PUR™, to bring you only relevant and reliable information that will enable you to make informed choices to live a healthy and beautiful life. 

    As scientists, we do all the hard (aka "nerdy" and "boring") work for you, using only reputable research sources, including scientific and cosmetic journals and publications; so you can have one source of reliable, scientifically researched information that you can trust. We DO NOT work with affiliates, ads, or any sponsored content, so all opinions and information shared here are 100% our own, unbiased, and honest.

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   Your vanity, nightstand, and medicine cabinet are full of beauty products but you are still buying new ones, looking for that holy grail to solve all your skin issues. You want to avoid toxic ingredients but don't really know where to start. You spend hours reading product descriptions and reviews wondering which claims are fiction vs. reality. Beauty Clean Up might be just what you need!

    Our personalized service offers 1 on 1 private, virtual consultation with Ivana Pur, the founder of Living Pur. We will start with 45 minutes video / call during which we will:

  • Review your skin goals and needs

  • Review your current beauty products and regimens, and

  • Discuss any questions about cosmetic products, ingredients, or claims that you might have

    After the call, and based on what we discussed, you will receive an email with a customized summary of your Beauty Clean Up that will include: 

  • Recommendation for products / ingredients that should be avoided, based on their safety profile and your product needs and use

  • Recommendation of skin product substitutes that are nontoxic, efficacious, and suitable for your skin needs and for your budget


      The goal of Beauty Clean Up is to empower you to make informed and better decisions when choosing your beauty products in the future. You will leave with personalized skin regimen and simple, actionable tips that you can use for your future purchases.

    There is never an expectation or obligation to purchase any of the products recommended. Since we do not sell, represent, or advertise any specific brands, nor participate in affiliated marketing, all recommendations are unbiased and solely based on Living Pur principles and your personal skin needs and goals, as well as budget.

     To schedule your initial call, please fill out the Contact Form.


​We offer the full range of technical writing and scientific communication solutions for your cosmetic and personal care brand, including:

  • Elevator Pitch -- Your brand in a nut shell

  • Brand Review -- Strengthen and update your branding, market positioning, competitive edge, and communication around products, ingredients, and benefits

  • Position Statements -- Communicate your brand's position on key issues, such as sustainability, safety, purity, ingredient origin, activity and efficacy, etc.

  • Product testing -- Design and consulting for instrumental and consumer product testing

  • Technical research and paper review for marketing and new product development

  • Writing blog, newspaper, and magazine articles




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