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Updated: May 15, 2023

This blog is for YOU! Yes you! So ask us anything that you are curious about and that relates to healthy lifestyle, nontoxic consumer products, including beauty and cosmetics, food, household furniture and supplies, and environment, as well as hot topics with confusing and contradicting information online, or products with dubious marketing claims. Using research and science, we provide recommendations on how to bring incremental or drastic change and improvements to your LivingPUR life.

Our Mission is to inform and inspire you to avoid toxic chemicals in consumer products and to make educated decisions about health, beauty, and wellness, in non-overwhelming, actionable way. We stay away from black-or-white, all-or-nothing alarmist approach, and focus instead on providing researched, scientifically-backed action items that you can easily implement in your everyday life. Following principles of kaizen, Japanese philosophy that focuses on "continuous change for better", we believe that no change is too small when it's a change in the right direction!

So feel free to comment below and ask questions. Subscribe to our newsletter or send us a quick message. If you have something that you would love us to research and write about, use our Contact form to let us know. We do our best to answer every question promptly, and always scientifically and honestly. So join us in #LivingPur revolution!


Ask us anything

This blog started out of pure passion to share with others my scientific background and research knowledge, as well as my passion for all things health and beauty, by providing information that empower us to live our best life.

Ever since moving to US from Europe 12 years ago, I've been puzzled by the lack of regulations in consumer product industry. We have ingredients that are proven to be toxic and yet being used in everyday life, and those that have never even been tested for safety prior to their use. Couple this with ubiquitous, bold, and in--your-face marketing claims, which are often unsubstantiated and sometimes just plain absurd, and the result is a very confused consumer with no means of knowing what is true and reliable anymore. Even those of us who are committed to living healthier and "cleaner" life, struggle to find time to comb through plethora of convoluted or unreliable information we read online.

And this is where LivingPUR comes in! This project started out of genuine passion and never-ending search for better, healthier, more honest, and scientifically--backed information about consumer products in general. Coming from a scientific background, I have access to scientific journals and articles not always available to general public, but more importantly, I simply love research! Spending hours reading and studying what some might consider "boring" or confusing literature, is what I do all the time. Hence, I want to use my skills to answer questions and unearth the facts and knowledge that will help us live our best lives. I do this by merging together science, ethical choices, and social justice, with consumer's needs and wants for best in healthy living, wellness, and beauty.

All information and any product recommendations provided in this blog are unbiased and the result of research and personal experience and preference only. We do not use affiliate links or accept ads or any other type of sponsored content.


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